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Understanding Bail Bonds

Why Would I Want to Pay Someone’s Bail?

After being arrested detainees will be taken by law enforcement to jail. Next is the booking process.  In this process the detainee will have their mug shots taken, fingerprints recorded, and will be asked for a statement.  The detainee will then remain in jail until their day in court, unless of course a loved one bails them out.

What Is Bail?

Bail is the money or other collateral that a bailbonding agency will post in order to release a suspect from jail.

A bail bonding agency can use cash, assets, or a bond as bail.  Once bail has been posted, the defendant is released.   Bail money is returned to the bailbondsman as long as the defendant appears in court.  This is why bail bonding agencies are serious about ensuring defendants show up to court.  In cases where the defendant tries to make a run for it, the bail agency may hire a bounty hunter to track them down. 

Most bail bondsmen charge 10% of the bail amount as their fee for the service.  The monetary value of the bail is decided by the court.  Generally price is based on the severity of the crime and the level of “flight risk” that the defendant poses. 

What Are Bonds?

A Bail Bond is a type of surety bond offered by a bail bonding agency that allows for an incarcerated suspect to be released from detention.

Bonds allow for a way to post bail without paying the entirety of the price.

And Why Do I Need a Bondsman?

If you cannot afford bail, you need to hire a bail agent.

You will be charged a small fee by the bail bonding agency, who will be responsible for the full bail amount.

Bail bondsmen cover their investment by requiring that the mortgage on a person’s home be used as collateral to pay for the full amount of bail bond money owed if the defendant doesn’t show up to court.

If the defendant does not show up for court on the day of their trial, the bondsman also has the right to sue the defendant for the full amount given to the court as bail bond. 

If you still have questions about bail bonds, we recommend the video below:

How Bail Works

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