We Bring Your Loved Ones Home.


Hi! I’m Aida.

My son used to be a knucklehead.

I’m sure it cost me a few (hundred) hours of sleep and a couple grey hairs.

But eventually, he got his act together.  For that I am thankful.  Now, he is close to reaching his potential.  I knew he would.

That is why I never gave up on him.

But in my experience, the world was more than ready to.

I noticed that most bail agents looked at him like “just another criminal”.  But my son was not just another criminal.  He was (and always will be) my baby boy.

One day, I realized that other mothers near me must be experiencing the same thing.  So I decided I’d get involved in the business.

Fast forward a few years later…

I have gone from working for one of North Carolina’s best bail bondsman to working with him in partnership.  In fact, Anytime Bail Bonds has gone on to establish relationships with several of the most trusted bail bondsman across the state.

Our operation sticks to family and executive bail clients, passing high-flight-risk clients to our partners.

Meet Our Team

Luis Ortega

Luis Ortega

Operations & Bonding

This is my son Luis.  We have a true family business: families helping families.




Blevins Bail Bonds is one of Greensboro’s oldest and most trusted bail bond agencies.

NC Bail Bondsmen

NC Bail Bondsmen


We partner with top bail bonds agencies across North Carolina.

Bounty Hunter Service

Bounty Hunter Service

Fugitive Recovery

We help other bail agents with the worst part of the job.

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